Law of Attraction Coaching One-to-One

If you are serious about transforming your life and taking things to the next level, then one-on-one coaching is the best investment that you can make. 

Understanding how the law of attraction works is THE KEY to manifesting a brighter, happier and more abundant future. 

law of attraction coaching one-to-one

I work with clients around the world. Together we create a future that inspires the spirit, and brings back that joy of life that can sometimes be lost along the way. Everybody has their own personal story in life, their own hurdles and challenges. With individual coaching it is possible to get to the heart of YOUR story, not just work with generalisations. 

A large aspect of the law of attraction is created in the subconscious. There can be found your TRUE beliefs about the world. It is often this hidden belief system that holds us back when we want to manifest something good into the world. All of the positive affirmations and prayers will not come to pass unless they are aligned with our core beliefs. Uncovering these core beliefs, and helping to shift them to work for you, rather than against, is at the heart of my law of attraction coaching program.

Changing your life requires both dedication, focus and commitment, and not everyone is suitable for coaching. My mission in life is to help people truly change their lives, not just dabble in things. I always interview each client prior to taking them on for coaching, just to ensure that we are right for each other. If you feel drawn to me as a coach, please contact me.

Your Investment

As well as financial investment, I ask that my clients:

  • Be open to ideas that may be new to you
  • Commit to implementing the practises as shown
  • Make yourself a priority

I charge £65 per hourly session.  Coaching sessions are usually on a weekly basis, either online via zoom, or in person in my studio in Worcester, England. Each session lasts approximately one hour.

I ask that all potential clients complete a ‘getting to know you’ questionnaire before our initial interview. 

Please click here to download questionnaire.

If you would like to arrange an interview, please contact me:

Tel :    (+44) 07858 854401

Email :    [email protected]

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