Law of Attraction Group Coaching

Are you ready to start manifesting more money, love and joy in your life, but not yet able to commit to individual coaching?
Do you want to learn to master the Law of Attraction and be part of a fun, friendly team?
If Yes, then the Group Law of Attraction Coaching program is the perfect solution for you!

As part of an elite tribe of magic manifestors, you will have access to weekly law of attraction teachings, valuable resources and expert advice. Work at your own pace, with accountability in the form of our fun, friendly facebook group. 

Each week you will be given new tools and lessons to enhance the law of attraction in your life. We also share inspirational stories and champion each other to reach our highest potential. 

This membership is a fantastic opportunity to reap the benefits of Law of Attraction coaching whilst working at your own pace.

How will Law of Attraction coaching benefit me?

You will learn how to get the law of attraction working POSITIVELY for you. Understand how to manifest WHAT YOU WANT in life, rather than letting the law of attraction run on auto-pilot, bringing in a load of stuff you don’t want. The law of attraction is always working in life. The key to mastering your life experience is UNDERSTANDING how it operates. The law of attraction determines how your life will unfold based on three principles.  These are your dominant vibration, your point of focus and your belief structure. In the group coaching program, we work on these factors to bring about lasting changes and often miraculous improvement.

What do I get in my monthly membership?

Each week we upload new law of attraction training and tools to get you on the road to success. These come with live Q&A sessions for anybody that needs any extra advice. All of the training is available for you to refer to at a later date if needed, so you won’t miss anything. As a bonus you will be added to our Facebook group for magic manifestors! This is a private group full of fantastic people that offer help and encouragement along your journey. 

What is my monthly investment?

The subscription fee is £25 per month. 

Can I unsubscribe?

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with the group coaching program, you are free to unsubscribe at any time.   

If you feel that this is a good fit for you and are ready to invest in yourself, then click the subscribe button and become part of the magic manifestor tribe!

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