The Hawkins Scale of Consciousness

The Scale of consciousness was developed by Dr David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD. He developed this scale from 1 – 1000,  representing logarithmic calibrations of  human consciousness and the corresponding level of reality. The actual numbers themselves are insignificant, the chart represents the relationship between the consciousness levels. For example, we can see that ‘fear’ has a much lower vibration than ‘courage’.

Dr Hawkins states that there are two main developmental hurdles. These are at 200 (courage) and 500 (love). To ‘break through’ and start living your life through the higher levels of emotions can be difficult, but will ultimately lead to enlightenment.

We can use Dr Hawkins chart to help us navigate our feelings and emotions.  It is important to understand that no level is good or bad. Most people seem to vary (sometimes wildly) throughout their lives as to what  ’emotion’ they are operating from.  However, everybody will have a ‘base level’ that is their normal starting point, their core perspective as it were for viewing life.  With inner work, we can observe our behaviour patterns and try and ascertain what level we operate from. This is where Hawkins Scale of Consciousness is very useful to us. Instead of striving towards enlightenment, at the top rung of the ladder, we can just look at the next step. 

It can also help us understand others better, and realise why they may not feel the same way about things. How people react to different situations very much depends on their perspective, whether they are viewing the situation from maybe ‘anger’ or ‘love’.  As you progress through the emotional scale, you will naturally resonate at these higher emotional frequencies. This will attract people and experiences of the same frequency, transforming your life into one of  joyous abundance!

As spiritual beings, we all strive to move up the scale of emotions. This is our ultimate destiny, to reach enlightenment. 

To further explore the Scale of Consciousness and learn more about the fascinating work and research of Dr Hawkins, I would highly recommend his book, ‘Power vs. Force’.

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