Tarot Reading – Uncover your destiny


Reveal your destiny in 2020. A Tarot discovery session will help you understand situations and people arising in your life. Get answers to questions relating to relationships, career, finance and more..

Tarot card readings can focus on your future or help with issues in the present.  Our angels and guides are always here with us, but with our busy modern lives it is sometimes difficult to hear their advice and wisdom. Taking time out to consult with our guides gives us valuable insight. I find that tarot is also a great way of understanding problems that we may be facing in a spiritual context.

I have many packs of tarot and oracle cards, but I mainly work with ‘Tarot of The Cat People’ by Karen Kuykendall. These are highly illustrated cards which offer a fountain of useful information. I also use Angel cards by Doreen Virtue.

The main thing that I would like to convey about tarot reading is that there is nothing to fear. The tarot shows us a possible chain of events, providing we stay on the course that we are currently on in life. If you are unhappy with what your angels and guides are conveying to you, you can change things. We all have that freedom in this (and all) lifetimes. Often, just by having a tarot reading things are changed for the better due to the emotions released. Also ALL cards are positive, even the death card. The death card very rarely conveys physical death, but often the definite ending of a situation. If you are currently facing difficulties and challenges the death card can be a true blessing! It shows that the current problematic situation will soon be over.

I read tarot online (either via zoom or facebook video messenger) or in person (Worcester, UK).  Payment can be made either in cash (if you are having a live tarot reading in Worcester) or buy clicking the ‘buy now’ button.

Please click here to contact me via messenger to arrange your appointment, or call (0044) 07858 854401.

Each session lasts for 1 hr.

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