Power Quadrant System


Discover your true abilities using this secret ancient code and enjoy a “Second chance at life”…WITHOUT leaving home.

Duration : 53 MIN

The power quadrant system was developed to help people regain their power in life and answer some of those difficult questions like
Who am I meant to be?
What is my true calling in life?
Who is my soul mate?
By unlocking the power of our DNA, the Power Quadrant System greatly increases our innate spiritual joy and feeling of abundance. After all, when your ’work’ is your destiny, your life path and truly makes you happy, it will never again be a chore to you.

The Power Quadrant System is a life-enhancing program created by Ric and Liz Thomson. They show how our modern Gregorian calendar is detrimental to our natural body order and rhythms. Ric and Liz explain that by reverting to the ancient South America calendar, used prior to our modern calendar, we can begin to understand and decode data from our DNA. This leads to great insights into what creates our personal happiness, life choices, partnerships etc.

Would you benefit from knowing:

How to discover your ideal career that you were born for?
If your currant current career path is the right one for you?
Knowledge about your soul mate?
Which personality models suit you best?
Information about the genetic codes for your children?
How to always choose the right path in life?
And much more.

In The Power quadrant system you will learn about this ancient calendar and how you can use it understand your personal energy, and focus in this world. The system mainly centres around career choice and life partnerships. It helps you decode your life to aid you in decision making in the future.
The system also explains different personalities and their ‘colours’. You will be able to calculate your colour, and the colours of significant others in your life. This goes a long way towards understanding differences between people, and why you are drawn to some people and not others. It is also a great help in your relationships!
You will learn about your innate life gifts and how to use them to your best advantage. Also perhaps why things may sometimes go wrong for you, helping to understand ‘mistakes’ in life and how to make more informed decisions based on new knowledge.

The Power Quadrant System is a downloadable product and will be sent to you instantly.