Welcome to the Inspiration Journal!

I am Jan, a certified Law of Attraction coach and blogger . I help people master the law of attraction to live the joyous, abundant lives they were born for.

My mission is to unravel the mystery behind some traditional law of attraction teachings, making it simple and easy for anybody to put into practise. The law of Attraction is ALWAYS working, creating the life around you based upon your current thought patterns and vibrations. Learning to control and direct your thoughts and beliefs is the key to living  the abundant life you deserve.

I am very lucky and have always been aware that there is much more to life than that which we can easily perceive through our five senses. I learnt that by expanding our consciousness, this was not only a way of accessing our higher power, but also tapping into the awesomeness of the unseen, unconscious part of ourselves. I believe this world would be a lot easier to navigate if people listened more to their intuition and hearts. Just a silent moment concentrating on your feelings towards a situation will sometimes answer more questions than an hour long therapy session. Unfortunately, with so many distractions and ‘jobs to do’ we busy ourselves with other things, rather than looking within.

My Passion

My true passion is helping others overcome adversity in life. It brings me a huge amount of joy! I also love being out in nature, spending time with my family and friends, and my work as a law of attraction coach and blogger.

A few years ago, I went through my own ‘dark night of the soul’. This was an extremely trying time for me.  At the time, I was being stalked and harassed, had extreme money problems, my relationship of 10 years ended and I was drinking heavily.  During this time, and also due to the heavy drinking, I felt that my connection to the conscious, creative part of me was practically non-existent.  Of course, we are ALWAYS connected and our higher power is ALWAYS there for us, but sometimes our vibrations are so low we can not feel it at all. Up until that time in my life, I had always been a cheerful, successful person and it was so strange for me to feel so low. I felt so alone.

Recovery for me began when I felt as if everything had been stripped away. I slowly began to care for myself more, stopped drinking, and spent more time in nature. I had been so desperate for things to change that I had been pushing change away. Now I have a far better understanding of the spiritual laws (especially the law of attraction) I can see why I was not attracting positive change.

law of attraction book

Getting over that stage in my life was a slow process, but it caused me to rediscover who I really am. I look back and see that previously to this ‘dark night’ I had been coasting through life, definitely not living to my true potential or calling. Now I am truly grateful for these experiences. It means that I can help others with similar difficulties. I have not just learnt about hardship and desperation, I have been there.

I am so grateful for these lessons and the opportunity to learn from them to help others (though maybe next time I have things to learn, hopefully fate will send a book!). I feel now as if I’m living the joyous life I was born for! My ‘work’ with others makes me very happy, but most of all, my re-connection with who I truly am, has brought peace and contentment.

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