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Why you should put yourself FIRST.

Have you heard the phrase ‘You need to love yourself before others will love you’? Do you put yourself first, or are you way down on your list of priorities? 

We are always taught that to be a ‘good’ person, we must put other peoples needs before our own. Whilst it is true that of course you need to be considerate and look out for others, this does not mean putting their needs first. This type of self-sacrificing behaviour sends out a constant message to the Universe that YOU are not as worthy as others. This is not true. Everybody is just as valuable and special, especially you.  

In my life, learning to say no to people was a big turning point. Being self-employed, it was up to me to schedule my time for work. Unfortunately, this made it very easy to put things off when friends would drop round for coffee and a chat. They would text me and ask if I was free, and I would always say yes, and put off my work and goals until later. I would be chatting away to them in a constant state of anxiety, knowing that really I wanted to be getting on with my work. As you can imagine, this lead to me being very unproductive and stressed. I was not enjoying life and I was not being my best self.

Prioritise yourself and your goals.

When I started to put myself first, and make my goals a priority, things changed very quickly. At first I was worried that I would lose my friends if I was not available for them. I found that actually the opposite was true. My true friendships became stronger and deeper, whilst relationships that weren’t serving me fell away naturally. Your true friends will be happy and supportive of you when you begin to prioritise yourself. You see, when you are living your best life, you have so much more to offer those around you! 

One important spiritual law is the law of flow. This law states that everything is in a constant state of flow. We each have a certain amount of energy and abundance to put out into the world. This energy needs to be replenished by accepting love and self care. If you do not put yourself first, you will not be able to be your best self for others.

putting yourself first

By not prioritising ourselves, we are stopping this natural flow of abundance. Our cup is empty, so to speak.  We need to give and receive, otherwise the law of flow will make in harder and harder for you to give your energies when you want to help others. 

Put yourself first to achieve your goals.

In your life, YOU are the star. You were not born to be the sidekick for anyone else. You need to let go of people and situations that no longer serve you. Start by learning to say no. It is very true what they say, ‘You can’t please everyone all the time’, so I would suggest you stop trying.

What will your life look like when you start chasing YOUR dreams? Commit today to putting yourself first. Even if you just create 30 minutes of time just for you, it will make a difference.

Remember, you are awesome. Everybody has something wonderful and unique to bring to this world. I believe in you. 

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