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Want Faster Manifestation? Try these 3 techniques now!

Everybody wants faster manifestation, to live in abundance and have the life they dream of. But what if it seems to be taking it’s sweet old time to become a reality? This is the number one frustration I hear from people. They are doing everything right, but the law of attraction doesn’t seem to be working. Please remember, the law of attraction always works, especially it seems with doubt and worry! If you are feeling as if your vision will never appear, then it won’t. You must start to look for signs of confirmation that it is in the process, rather than telling yourself that it isn’t here yet. You need to stop manifesting a state of WANTING, and move into a state of having.

So that being said, here are my top three ways of quickly aligning your vision with reality, and achieve faster manifestation.

Feel your dream

We are told that one of the most important steps in the manifestation process is to visualise your goals. Imagine that you are already living the life that you want to create. However, Vision is just one of our five senses…

If you want to really get into the state of believing and creating your reality, you need to feel it too. When you are visualising yourself, add in sounds and smells. How does it feel? What can you touch? Can you taste the air around you? Remember you brain can not tell the difference between a strong vision and reality, so create as many details as possible.

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Change your brainwaves

Whether we are alert or asleep, our brains constantly emit electrical signals. These patterns are called brain waves. Scientists have identified five different types of brain wave, Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma. 

The brain waves we are interested in are Theta waves, 4-7 hz. Our brain goes into this theta state during meditation.  This is also referred to as the Tibetan state of consciousness.

To manifest clearly and quickly, this is your ideal state. If you can spend just 20 minutes a day in meditation, you will train your brain to go into this theta state easily. By stopping the internal chatter of our monkey brains, we can clearly focus on our goals and things that we want to manifest into our lives. 

Download your free abundance meditation here.

Detach from the result

This is a really hard pill to swallow, but sadly true. The more you need or want your desire, the harder it is to manifest. Some people are truly desperate for money, but by living in this mindset, all they create is more desperation for money, not money itself. You must be in alignment for your vision. If you put it on a pedestal, it is separate from you, not part of you. If you are feeling unworthy of your vision, you will never align with it. 

The secret to faster manifestation is to totally eliminate the need and want from your goals. Don’t see yourself as needing money and abundance, see it as your birth right. It is what you were born for, to live an abundant life. You were meant to thrive, not just survive. I know this can be super hard at first to think this way, especially when things in your currant reality seem to suggest otherwise. When reality doesn’t serve you, you need to align with a better one.

You are an awesome spiritual being full of cosmic energy, tap into your core essence and create yourself a better 3D experience. I know you can do it. You deserve it!

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