the world is a reflection of yourself

The world is a reflection of yourself

Have you heard the term, ‘the world is a reflection of yourself’, or the spiritual law, ‘As within, without’? This basically states that our thoughts create our reality and the world around us is a reflection of that.  However, as usual with spiritual law, things are not quite that simple. The world around us reflects back to us in more ways than one. There are actually three primary ways in which we are shown ourselves through our outer reality. Understanding these will help us to see issues in our lives and quickly address them.

1. We are shown what we are.

This is the simplest form of reflection to understand. We are shown ourselves directly in our reality. This is usually through the people closest too us, our home environment and maybe objects that we frequently use. This explains why some things work perfectly well for one person, but not another, like a car for example.

the world is a reflection of yourself

To learn from these reflections, it can help to look at exactly where the problem lies. A car is the perfect example. Each part of the car can be easily recognised for it’s function. Is it running as efficiently as it could? Do you have problems with the brakes? Is it difficult to start in the mornings? Once you look at yourself and fix the corresponding problem in your life, you will find that the car problems will quickly disappear too.

We can also use these reflections the other way around, fixing problems in our outer world to help our inner selves. Clutter in the home is a great example of this. Ever noticed how much mentally lighter you feel after having a big clear out? It’s like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you can suddenly see things from a new perspective! One word of warning though, whilst seemingly sorting things out externally can give you a badly needed short term boost, you will always need to address the issue within. Otherwise the problem will just come back, or be reflected in another aspect of your life. After all, the world is a reflection of yourself, not the other way around!

2. We are shown what we judge.

The mirrors of judgement can be difficult to face. This is where our outer reality shows us our judgements and emotions. This mirror is usually shown through other people in our lives. It can be recognised by the intensity of emotions that surface in you. To understand this lesson, you will first have to honestly ask yourself if what you are seeing reflected is an aspect of yourself or not. If it is not, it will usually be a judgement.

For example, let’s say that several people in your life are particularly mean with money, but you are a naturally generous person. It annoys and frustrates you to see them acting this way. Why are these people behaving like this? You know that you are not mean with money. These people are actually reflections of unconscious beliefs and judgements that you have. Ask yourself why you are noticing this behaviour in particular, why does it bring up such intense feelings in you? You probably have some inner healing work to do around issues involving things being withheld from you. Things that frustrate and annoy us only do so because of our beliefs around that issue caused by past experiences. Once we uncover those beliefs and bring them to the surface, our frustration and anger with the reflected situations and people will disappear.

We are shown what we have lost.

Throughout our lives we all inevitably give away and lose pieces of ourselves to others. This is part of being human, we sacrifice ourselves for those around us. However, our basic instinct is to be complete and whole. When we see our missing part reflected in another, we feel a strong attraction.

the world is a reflection of yourself

This explains the concept of ‘opposites attract’. Like when you see a shy, quite person with someone who is outgoing and loud. Or a timid person with a far more dominant partner. The key to navigating these sometimes difficult relationships, is understanding why you are attracted to the other person. Once you have reclaimed the missing part of yourself that they are showing you, often the relationship will naturally dissolve, if that is what you want. 

This mirror can be a problem for people in established relationships. It is difficult if you suddenly feel a strong attraction to a new person in your life! Often we will avoid this new person so as not to bring up these strong feelings. If we realise that the new person is reflecting to us a missing part of ourselves, we can try and integrate that into our lives again. By regaining this missing aspect, the attraction to the other person will naturally fall away.

What can we learn from our reflections?

So you can see that the world is a reflection of yourself in more ways than one! We are all spiritual beings living a human existence.  It is so easy to forget that, and get ‘lost’ in the physical world.  We need to remember that the world around us is merely a mirror for us to see ourselves. You created this  reality as a playground in which to grow and experience yourself. These reflections of yourself are just signals to help you in the process. 

Some life lessons can be hard, and if not recognised can be repeated over and over again until dealt with. Take a look at the people and things in your life. What can you learn from the reflections around you?

Remember, the most important thing is to have FUN! Laugh and enjoy the process.

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