time machine manifestation method

The Time Machine Manifestation Method

Most of us have problems with the law of attraction at one time or another, I know I have! Discovering the time machine manifestation method really helped me. One of the concepts that I would really struggle with was acting ‘as if’ I had already manifested my desires. I found this particularly difficult with money. How are you supposed to act as if you are financially abundant if your bank account says otherwise? Sometimes this would actually make my financial situation worse! I would stop worrying about money and start spending what little I had, trusting that ‘the universe’ would replace it.

This behaviour was of course a fast track to more money worries, with an added helping of guilt for being so reckless with my finances. Acting ‘as if’ we have money to spare when we don’t is not a good idea! So what is the law of attraction trying to show us here? We know that we have to feel in alignment with our desires to manifest them, so how can we do that if physical evidence suggests otherwise?

The number one rule is, the law of attraction attracts to us what WE ARE, not what WE WANT. If we want to become financially successful, we must have the mind-set of financial success. We must become that person with the resources we have right now. This is where the time machine manifestation method comes in.

The time machine manifestation method explained

You will need to spend about 10 to 15 minutes a day (or longer if you can) vividly imagining your future successful, abundant self. Ask yourself what you are doing, feeling, wearing, living etc. Really enter into that life. How do you feel when you buy things? How do others treat you? What can you do for your loved ones? Look at the world through the eyes and perception of your future self, really immerse yourself into that world. Everything here should feel completely yours, totally deserved by you. You should not feel ‘special’ or ‘lucky’ in anyway. This is where you are meant to be!

Totally settle into your future self, feel and think as they do. Once this new personality is ‘locked in’ it’s time to bring yourself back to the present. How you do this is up to you. Some people imagine their future self, stepping into a time machine. You now have the abundant mind-set brought back from the future. This is where the magic happens.

With your new found abundant mind-set you can look at your finances in a different way. Realise the potential of investment and opportunity so that your money naturally multiplies. You have the certainty that this will happen, so you do not waste money or time unproductively.

One question financially successful people get asked a lot is ‘What would you do if you lost all of your money?’ Of course, their answers vary but they all have one thing in common. They all have a plan of investment and a certainty that they would very soon be financially successful again. In fact, there are many millionaires that have been bankrupt in the past, including Walt Disney and Elton John. Even the US President Donald Trump has filed for corporate bankruptcy 4 times!

These people go on to future success because they know that their financial goals are connected to their abundant mind-set, rather than the balance of their bank account.

So how would your future, abundant self, behave in your present circumstances? What would you choose to do with your time and money if you had the certainty that you would be abundant? I am pretty sure, like all people with a similar mind-set, you would look after your finances and watch them grow exponentially.  

time machine manifestation method

In modern society, it is pretty easy to borrow money to get a fancy watch or a sports car. Unfortunately, it is also pretty easy to accumulate debt. We must learn to see that outward signs of wealth are not necessarily a result of true abundance, but sadly often a sign of insecurity. A truly abundant spirit is only found within.

The good news is we now know how to apply this to the law of attraction. To become abundant, you must truly FEEL abundant, know that you are capable of creating the beautiful life you were destined for. You must realise that true abundance does not mean spending money that you do not presently have on material objects.  Money can come and go, be lost and won. Having an abundant mind-set can never leave you or be taken away. It is who you are, you amazing, beautiful thing! Coming into alignment with abundance is your true destiny.

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