why isnt the law of attraction working

Why isn’t the law of attraction working for me?

‘I need help! Why isn’t the law of attraction working for me! If it is so easy, why am I still just getting by?’

This is something I hear a lot! Now I have a far better understanding of the law of attraction, and why it seems so hard. I used to see all these inspirational posts and videos on Youtube about the law of attraction, and how easy it is to ‘go with the flow’. They used to frustrate the hell out of me. I would be doing the same things these ‘enlightened gurus’ recommended, meditation, vision boards, affirmations, the lot! Yet still no results.

You see, there is a very important part of the law of attraction that is not mentioned much, and that is about FEELING and BELIEF. You need to truly feel and believe that what you want in your life can and should be there. It takes a tonne of faith and belief to manifest say, a Mercedes, if your currant budget is more Fiat Punto! It is of course possible, but it can be harder to get to that place of real belief if what you want is so far from what you have manifested already.

Everything around you was created from your currant level and beliefs about what you deserve. You must change that, REALISE (that word is so apt here) your potential.  It is easy to see now how we must first improve our self beliefs and values, before anything else can change. This is another spiritual law, ‘As Within, Without’. Yes, I know it seems the law of attraction is all we ever hear about, but there are other spiritual laws, and they are just as important.

Getting the Law of Attraction to work

To realise or attract something into your life, you must be in alignment with it. That is to say, you can’t come from a place of ‘wanting’ or ‘needing’ it. The law of attraction ALWAYS works perfectly. If you are constantly putting out vibes of desperately needing something, money for example, that is what you will create. Situations where you are always broke and in need of money! 

If this is your currant state, don’t worry we can improve things. Instead of focusing on the lack of money, focus on a more positive aspect of your life. I know this can be super hard, especially if you are in debt. Believe me though, negative thoughts have a very low frequency and unfortunately the law of attraction will just multiply that.

When I was at a very low time in my life, I raised my spirits by going out in nature, visiting friends and watched uplifting Youtube videos. I also faced up to my financial problems and things began to turn around. Try and find something that works for you. By doing activities that make you feel better, you will naturally start to access more positive thoughts and vibes.

Also, try and socialise with your more positive friends. Some people are natural ‘energy vacuums’ and if you are trying to raise your vibration, avoid them like the plague. If you regularly find yourself with people who bitch and moan about the bad lot they have been dealt with in life, try and find new friends. I know this may sound harsh, but if you really want to feel better it’s a must! You need to start living the abundant life you were born for, and that energy no longer serves you.

The good news is, when you change your focus and value yourself, things change very quickly. The law of attraction will start working for you, instead of against you.

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