the egg a story of the universe

The Egg – A Story of the Universe

The Egg, a story of the universe is a beautiful story by Andy Weir. If you would prefer to watch an illustrated version of The Egg story, I have pasted in a video for you.

The Egg story in a nutshell (or I guess technically an eggshell)……

The Egg tells a story of a man who dies and finds himself in the afterlife. He talks with God. The man and God are the only ones in the afterlife. The man is, not surprisingly, confused and disorientated at first, and has a lot of questions. He is concerned for his family and those he left behind. God tells the man not to worry, everything will be fine. He is now going to be reincarnated to another life back on earth, a Chinese peasant girl in 540AD.

The man doesn’t understand why he is being sent back in time. God explains that the concept of time only really applies the physical universe. The man then realises that if he has been reincarnated in different times, he could have interacted with himself. God says that this is indeed true, and has happened many times.

the egg universe

At this point, the man seems sad, and asks God what is the point of it all. God tells the man that the Universe was made so that he could mature and grow. The man stops God and says surely he means so that mankind can mature. God then says, No, I mean you. There is only you, and me. Through each and every life that the man incarnates on earth, he learns and grows through interacting with himself.

Eventually the man will evolve into a God, but at the moment he is still incarnating in the Universe, his Egg.

What is the meaning of The Egg Story?

I think The Egg is a beautiful story and really shows how we are all connected as one, however I personally believe that The Universe is bigger than the one Andy Weir imagines. There are many accounts of people having near death experiences, and visiting the afterlife. These people all recall meeting other beings and loved ones who have passed over. Also when people are dying and near death, they often talk about past loved ones coming to greet them and help them pass over.

There is a very interesting book by Dolores Canon called ‘Between Death and Life, Conversations with a Spirit’. She writes about her fifteen years of detailed research as a widely experienced and well-respected American past-life regression therapist. She has accumulated a mass of credible information about the death experience and what lies beyond. While reliving their dying experiences, hundreds of subjects reported the same memories. Here is a link to this book.

My belief is that we are spiritual beings evolving through life on earth. Those spiritual beings are all a part of ‘God’. God did indeed ‘explode into pieces’ so he could know himself. These ‘pieces’ need a place to interact, where they forget they are just playing a game of life. This is our physical Universe. When we realise who we are through this physical interaction, we can re-unite as spiritual beings and become one with God. The Giant exhale and inhaling of the Universe is the breath and life force of God. Even now, Scientists are just starting to discover what spiritualists have been trying to tell them about the true nature of reality. This is shown in quantum physics and the big bang theory.

The point of existence is to remember who YOU are. YOU are awesomely amazing, YOU are true love. YOU are perfect, just the way you are. YOU were meant to be.

Let me know what you think of The Egg story in the comments below. I LOVE you, have a fantastic day!

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