spirituality and depression

Spirituality and Depression

Depression seems to be a taboo subject with most spiritual people. After all, the whole point of being spiritual is to raise our vibration and reach enlightenment. Spirituality and depression do not seem to go together well. But what about those days when you are just not feeling it? With all those well-meaning spiritualist gurus spreading joy and happy vibes, telling us to just cheer up and feel better, It’s enough to drive anybody into a meltdown! They make it sound so easy.

When I was going through a time of depression, this used to make me feel ten times worse! Not only was I feeling really low, but now apparently a ‘bad’ spiritual person for not being able to ‘flick on my happy switch’.

Telling a depressed person to ‘cheer up, they’ll soon be fine’ is similar to telling a smoker that they could get lung cancer and maybe they should give up. Really?! Gosh I didn’t realise! Nobody has ever mentioned that before. I’ll just stop feeling depressed then. I hope, dear reader, you are sensing sarcasm here.

How can I help somebody with depression?

Depression is different for everyone. For some people it can be triggered by a life event, for others there seems no reason in particular. However I believe that depression is always a sign that something needs to change in your life. To support a friend with depression, there are several things you can do. The main thing is to acknowledge their feelings. Do not try and belittle them, just listen with an open heart. Realise that they don’t need you to fix them, just be there with them as support. It is impossible to fix things in others, you can only work on yourself. Spirituality and depression are not mutually exclusive. Many people come through a bout of depression with a far more spiritual outlook, and more understanding of life.

Unfortunately, life is not always sunshine and roses, but that is ultimately why we are here, to learn through our human existence. Do you know how hard that is!! You are awesomely amazing just for signing up for life on earth. Did you know that there are many other far easier incarnations? But you, no. 1 superstar, choose this. Life as a spiritual being is pure bliss, but incarnating in human form is far from that. When you look at life from that point of view, it’s a wonder many of us get out of bed in the morning. You should give yourself an A grade just for turning up! As spirit consciousness, we are all connected as one. We would never hurt one another as it would just be self-harm. However, as humans, we forget that and feel the pain of separation and feeling alone.

We all have a life path chosen by us before we were even born. We do this in order to learn and grow. It is in the hardest, most challenging times of life that we grow the most. I’m sorry if that doesn’t help much. It certainly didn’t help me! I was very sulky. When I was feeling down and miserable, I had very little interest in spiritual development! This realisation that I was being forged into higher consciousness did not really cheer me up. But there is good news! Once I accepted my feelings of depression, processed what was getting me down, I slowly began to feel better. Understanding who you are is a huge part of self fulfilment. Oddly, accepting that you have feelings of depression goes a long way towards dispelling them. After all, what you resist, persists.

I have found that remembering this spiritual connection and bigger picture helps me when I am feeling down. I also ask my angels to help me and protect me. Your Guides and Angels can not step in and help you unless you ask. They always respect free will, but are waiting to heal and nurture you when called upon. If I know I have a difficult situation to face, I will ask my angels to protect me with a shield of love. It is wonderful for me, a bit like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.

I also talk to what I call ‘the bigger me’, the Spirit Consciousness Jan. She has it all worked out! She knows that life is actually going to plan. It WILL all work out. She is very funny too. She gives, little me, the human form of Jan a nudge from time to time. Reminds me not to take life so seriously. I see this a bit like the spirit (The ONE, LOVE, GOD whatever you want to call it) communicating with the ‘mind’. It was the human Jan that was depressed, not ME. Just like ‘YOU’ can not be depressed, but ‘you’ can. Remember that only YOU can help you feel better. BUT, YOU and I are one so I am here for you too.

Do you feel that spirituality and depression are not meant to mix? Or do you believe we need to acknowledge our feelings? I love hearing from my readers, so let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Roseann Preston

    It’s all to do with ups and downs,like bio rythyms, we have to learn to balance by not getting to high and then it gets easier, Jesus said,be in this world but not of it,even when we have reached great heights and can see how god sees,we are in form in a body,and being practical on this earth plane,is all about being balanced here and now,as that is all there is

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