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Small steps to big changes

Taking small steps in life can lead to big changes, especially when it comes to living spiritually and expanding your consciousness. The truth is when most people have a spiritual awakening, it quickly becomes overwhelming. Sometimes this feeling of overwhelm can lead to depression and apathy with life. So how can we prevent this from happening to us?

It may seem counter-productive, but by focusing on small steps, rather than the ultimate goal, we are more likely to succeed. Tell yourself that ‘just for today’ you will be able to keep a spiritual mind-set. This is far easier than setting the goal of permanent change. Pretty soon you will find that the days you are able to achieve your goal are more and more, and it becomes a natural way of life.

We can apply this to any area of our lives that we would like to improve. This especially helps with big goals which seem insurmountable when looked at as a whole. Let us take weight loss as an example. If you have a large amount of weight to lose, focusing on the whole amount can quickly lead to overwhelm. Most people give up without trying, the goal is too big. Instead try looking at each pound (or kg if you are in the USA) lost as a milestone on your path to success. This is why they give out rewards at weight-watcher clubs to people who have achieved a small amount of success. It encourages them to keep going!

If we looked into the future and calculated how long it would take to lose a significant amount of weight, it may be a year or more. Nobody welcomes the thought of being on a diet for a year!! This is why it is essential to take small steps and focus on just eating well, one day at a time.

As well as small steps in time, taking small actions and making small changes can also lead to massive change. I found this when trying to develop the habit of going to the gym. When I was at the gym, after a few minutes I would feel great. This lead to me feeling better all day, thanks to good endorphins I guess! Who knows what it was but I knew that going to the gym made me feel good.

HOWEVER……the thought of actually going to the gym was dreadful….I would put it off, I’d much rather have extra time in bed. I have learnt that I have a natural laziness and really need to be zapped into action with some sort of cattle prod!  To overcome this, I used the small steps method. I told myself that all I had to do was go to the gym and get on the exercise bike for 10 minutes.

small steps

 After that, if I wanted too, I could come back home and go back to bed. The thought of going to the gym for 10 minutes was not as daunting. I was not overwhelmed with the idea and would go. Of course, once I was there I always stayed longer, and was really happy with myself.

The small steps method can be applied to almost every big task that overwhelms you. Do you need to clean the house? Set yourself the task of dusting just one room. Chances are once you get going you won’t want to stop. Often, it’s beginning the tasks that are the difficult part. We can build things up in our heads to be much more monumental than they actually are. When you get going you realise that you were probably making a bit fuss over nothing.

Small steps to expanding your consciousness

So how can this help us when we are trying to live in more alignment with our more abundant, spiritual selves? The first small step that I would recommend is to set time aside each day for meditation. Just start of small. Even 15 minutes a day will make a big difference. I would recommend doing this first thing in the morning before everyone else wakes up. But, if that is impractical, just do it another time, it is entirely up to you.  There are some great meditations on youtube, or you can download the abundance meditation here.

Practising gratitude is another a small step you can take. Make time to look around you and be thankful for what you have in your life right now. When we start to change our perception of life to one of abundance and gratitude rather than lack, big changes will occur. Gradually the things that do not serve us will fall away as we appreciate more.

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Notice all the good stuff, friends and family, your job, your environment. As you begin to ‘realise’ the magnificence that you have created, you will naturally align more with it. This is the true magic in practising gratitude, it is the fastest way to get in alignment with good things in abundance. It really takes no time at all, and will make a huge difference in your life.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
neil armstrong
Neil Armstrong

Any small steps that you can take towards leading a better life are worth taking. Do not be daunted or put off by the seemingly insurmountable ‘bigger picture’. Remember, we used to look up to the stars and dream, and now we have landed on the moon!

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