how to get in the vortex

How to get in the Vortex

Firstly, What is heck is ‘the Vortex’?!

The Vortex is a metaphorical place or feeling described by Abraham Hicks where we can perfectly create and manifest anything we desire. I’m sure that you have heard of Abraham Hicks, but if not, What have you been doing all your life!? She is one of the best Spiritual Leaders of our time. Here is one of her Youtube Videos about getting into the Vortex.

Getting into the Vortex

A lot has been written and discussed about how to get into the Vortex. It is the place where we are our best selves, and everything happens in perfect alignment with our divine life plan. The issue is, everyone has their own Vortex! How we get to that place of happiness and bliss is different for everyone. You need to discover what works for you.

Anything that raises your vibration will get you closer to the Vortex. These will be personal to you. The key is to spend more time doing things that make YOU happy. For example, and athlete may love spending time training and running, where as an artist would prefer spending time in their studio painting.

We are all spiritual beings living a human existence. Feeling emotions of love, joy and gratitude will naturally raise your vibration. However, we must look within ourselves to discover what makes us happy, feel love and joy. It is not the same for everyone. I think this is why some people fail to get ‘in the vortex’ – they believe that they need to do traditionally ‘spiritual’ stuff like meditations, affirmations etc. If this works for you then great, but it is not for everyone. You need to let go of preconceived ideas about ‘the right way’ to get in the vortex. Just find whatever raises your vibration and makes you feel fabulous!

That being said, here are a few universal things to help you get in the flow.

  • Spend time with uplifting friends

Your friends are a reflection of you, so choose wisely. You should feel relaxed and happy with people that you socialise with. If this is not the case (at least for the majority of the time) you should consider forming new friendships with more positive people.

  • Listen to some feel-good tunes

Put on some great tunes and party on! Again, focus on what makes you feel good, it may not be universally popular. Pan pipes aren’t for everyone, maybe you are more Metallica? Rock on.

  • Find your passion

Like the athlete or artist, we all have a passion deep down. Something that really makes you happy. Try and discover yours and carve out some YOU time.

  • Laughter

You want the good news? Being in the Vortex is FUN! It’s definitely not all serious and reflective. Joy is one of the highest vibration states you can be in. It seems paradoxical , but the more you chill out and have fun, the more you are living in the vortex and the easier life will be.

I would love to hear your ideas about getting in the vortex. Let me know in the comments below – the wilder the better!

love always getting in the vortex

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