Coronavirus and the law of attraction

All around the world most people are in panic and confusion, focused on the Coronavirus. The amount of news coverage and attention the media is dedicating to this outbreak is huge. Unfortunately, not all of the information available is the truth and it is vital, now more than ever to act rationally and calmly.

Here we have a great opportunity to use the law of attraction to benefit everybody. We can use the law of attraction to bring forth good health and vitality, abundance and an existence full of exciting creation. 

To do this however, we need to move out of the frequency of fear and panic that we are currently in. You can only manifest in your life things that are on the same vibrational frequency as you. We as a planet need to change our thinking about the coronavirus, stop obsessively focusing on it.

I am not suggesting that we pretend this pandemic is not happening. To live in denial and just carry on with daily life would be reckless and ill-advised. Sadly, this is how most people think the law of attraction works. Just state a few positive affirmations and ‘hey presto’ all is cured. It is also not helpful to affirm that the conoravirus is eliminated. By affirming this, you are still focusing on the problem. And guess what? The law of attraction will deliver what you focus on! Everytime! This is why John Lennon said he would not attend an ‘anti war’ rally, but would happily go to one promoting peace. 

This is how we need to look at the current situation, not anti Coronavirus, but pro health and wellness. By being ‘anti’ anything you are just putting more focus on the problem. More and more energy is given to the pandemic, building it to grow and grow.

coronavirus law of attraction john lennon

So what should we do?

We should all take a chill pill!

Calm the f*ck down!

Look at the steps to getting the law of attraction working positively in your life. 

Firstly we ask properly for what we want. We would like to be strong, fit and healthy. 

Next we align with that vibration and take inspired action towards it.  In the current situation, I believe being fit and healthy would definitely include following government guidelines on behaviour. I make sure I am up to date and fully informed on protocols as they are given. HOWEVER, I do not recommend obsessing over media coverage. Try and find a news outlet that delivers necessary information in a non-alarmist manner. 

Once you are sure you are doing all you can to protect yourself and your loved ones FORGET ABOUT IT. Go about your day as normally as possible. Practice gratitude for all the good that is around you. Take part in inspired conversations, watch uplifting programs, take advantage of being at home by doing all the things you don’t normally have time for. There are always positives to any situation if you look. Live in the vibration of love and abundance, calm in the knowledge that you are doing all that you can to help yourself and your loved ones.

The next exciting stage is to receive. You are a healthy, happy human free of fear and panic! Now is a great time to express gratitude and notice the wonderful world that you are a part of. 

The truth is we do live in an amazing, abundant world. This can be seen everywhere, even in times of hardship and fear such as these. Look at all the good that has already come out of this situation, neighbourhoods singing together, the young helping the elderly, strangers bonding together to help each other. I am so grateful to see the human spirit light up the world. That should be our focus right now. 

coronavirus law of attraction

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