Clarity and The Law of Attraction

I would like you to imagine for a moment that the Universe is a giant coffee shop. Yes, I know, bear with me on this one…..

You enter this coffee shop, go up to the counter and place your order. A few minutes later, your order is delivered. Perfectly, exactly what you asked for. This coffee shop analogy is a good way of explaining how the law of attraction works.

Now, lets run through this again. You enter the coffee shop, but aren’t sure what you would like, any hot drink will do. The barista is now in a bit of a dilemma, he wants to get you what pleases you most, but doesn’t know what that is. So he waits. Maybe you will decide later.  In the meantime, all of the other customers are getting their orders, perfectly on time.  

law of attraction clarity

In another scenario, you go in and order some soup, clearly and precisely.  The barista then starts on your order. Whilst you are waiting, you see some sandwiches. You start talking to your friend about how delicious the sandwiches are here, how much you are looking forward to having one.  The barista hears this and stops making your soup. He assumes that you are going to change your order. After all, you have been telling people that you are going to have a sandwich. 

Have faith that the law of attraction works every time.

The law of attraction is like the barista in this story. It will always bring you what you ask for, you just need to be clear, and have faith that whatever you desire is on its way.  

Using this analogy, it is easy to see why it could seem that the law of attraction is not working for you. In fact it is ready to spring into action, you just need to be a bit clearer about what you want. 

 Also make sure that your desires do not conflict with one another. Imagine asking the Universe barista for a delicious cream cake and telling him you were trying to lose weight. More confusion, do you get the cake or not? Or does he grant your wish of losing weight? If your desires are not clear or in conflict, you will have problems in manifesting them.

How to be clear about your desires

It is a good time to really think about what you want to manifest into your life.  I find that creating a vision board, or writing in a journal helps me to focus on what I want. Try and add as many details as possible, make your vision crystal clear in your mind. For example, If you would like a car, what colour will it be? What make and model? How old will it be? Imagine where you would keep the car, how it would feel to drive it. You are sending out clear signals – this car is for you!

Have total faith that your desire is in the process of manifestation. Just like a customer in a coffee shop, the process of making the coffee is nothing to do with you, so don’t give it a second thought. Your job now is to just wait for your order to arrive, and tip the barista for his cosmic awesomeness! 

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