Askfirmations and the Law of Attraction

One of the most important steps in the manifestation process is the first one, to ask for what you want. This may seem like a simple task, but it is in fact a stumbling block for a lot of people. 

In this post I am going to try and clarify this step, so you can begin to manifest exactly what you want, quickly and effortlessly. The focus will be on our affirmations, or ASKFIRMATIONS. 

So what are askfirmations?

Basically, Askfirmations are affirmations but rephrased into the form of a question. For example, ‘I am rich and successful’ would become ‘Isn’t it amazing that I’m so rich and successful?’ 

You see, the brain responds to questions in a much more engaging way than it does to statements. Our subconscious mind is working constantly creating images and associations with our consciousness. When the subconscious mind hears a statement of any kind, it can’t help but retrieve the image most associated. Therefore, you need to be really careful that you do not have any negative beliefs about what you are trying to manifest. 

I discovered that I had some very negative associations around money. As a child, my family were very wealthy. However, when I was around 10 years old my parents divorced. Their divorce was an epic event, and they would argue and fight over everything, especially money. As you can imagine, this led to me associating having money with fighting and arguments. My subconscious (which can be much more powerful than the conscious mind) would keep me safe by making sure I did not accumulate too much money. I was also fearful of people that had money. Of course, this mindset held me back massively! The mind creates our reality, and this subconscious programming had been with me since childhood. Clearly something needed changing! 

If you have negative associations hard-wired into your subconscious, you can deal with them in two ways.  The first is to deal with and process the negativity, and resolve the issues you have. I, of course highly recommend this, as your happiness and life in general will improve massively. 

However, there is another way to bypass these negative associations that are holding you back. This is with Askfirmations. 

brain askfirmations

You see, your brain responds to questions by looking for answers. You absolutely DO NOT have to believe that what you want is the truth right now, just that it is within the realms of possibility. Your brain will then go into ‘problem solving mode’ and look for reasons why your desires are manifesting.  Remember, your point of focus is your point of attraction. By focusing on the reasons why something is happening, your brain naturally assumes that it must BE happening.  

With Askfirmations the brain’s focus is on the question (Isn’t it amazing that…?), rather than the subject (…rich and successful) therefor there is no negativity associated with the outcome. 

Let the outcome be your Focus. 

Another thing to remember when we are manifesting is to focus entirely on the end result. It is not up to you to decide HOW your desires will manifest. 

Let’s look again at the subject of financial security. If you would like more money in your life, then an askfirmation like ‘Isn’t it wonderful that I easily attract more money than I need?’ is perfect.  There are no restrictions on how that money appears, or limitations on the amount. This is the reason affirmations can seem like hard work. If YOU are trying to dictate HOW you receive more money, then your higher power is limited in the ways it can help you. For example, the affirmation ‘I will get this promotion’ sounds good in principal, but it is entirely focused on the promotion and job you have. Do you really want a promotion, or is it more money and financial freedom?  

If you are honest with yourself and really look at what you want, manifesting becomes a lot easier. You will begin to easily create and live your dream life. Think about the job promotion mentioned earlier.  Yes of course this usually comes with more money, but also more hours and responsibility. Much more stress too! Do you really want more stress in your life? Most people would say not. By focusing on what you really want, and for most people that is less stress and more financial freedom, you will see that asking for a promotion maybe not the best idea. Wouldn’t you rather leave it open as to how you receive more money? Maybe win the lottery? Find a priceless antique in the loft? Be gifted money by a previously un-heard of relative? Be offered thousands to appear in a film because yours is the face they need? There really are an unlimited number of ways that money can manifest for you!  

We are all spiritual beings living a human existence, and therefore limited to our own human beliefs and thinking. We do not see the vastness of the cosmos as it really is and we cannot comprehend the infinite possibilities available to us. Everything we can possibly imagine is there for us if we choose it. But we must choose! Most people ask for the promotion because that is the only way they believe money will come to them. And guess what? If you believe it, then it is your reality. Why not choose to believe that you are a money magnet? That money flows easily to you?  

One truth is just easily manifested as another. I’m pretty certain that most people would choose to be a money magnet if they knew that they could, and I’m here to tell you that you can!  

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