5 ways to improve your focus with the law of attraction

Ways to improve focus

In this video I talk about the top 5 ways to improve focus for harnessing the law of attraction. Focus really is the key to getting the law of attraction working positively for you. Of course, before you can even begin to focus on what you want, you have to decide what that is!

You would be surprised at the amount of clients that I see who do not know what they really want. Not surprisingly though, they are able to give me a whole list of stuff they DON’T want! I will hear about debt problems, relationship issues, weight gain etc. Be honest with yourself, are you one of these people? Do you focus on the negative stuff in your life, wishing things would improve for you?

Once you learn to stop focusing on these negative situations they will start to improve. As a bonus, you will be happier too!

One thing I highly recommend if you have a particular problem that dominates your thinking, is to deal with it as much as you can. For example, debt problems can be dealt with by contacting your creditors and negotiating a payment plan. Often the fear we have of dealing with these things is far, far worse than the reality. Once you have a plan in place (or have gone bankrupt or whatever you need to do) FORGET ABOUT IT. Now you are free to focus on becoming financially abundant. 

The very nature of life is flow, things are always changing and evolving. Just because you feel that you are in a negative situation at the moment, doesn’t mean it will last forever. YOU ARE FREE TO CHOOSE. You can choose to focus on abundance, love and joy.

Remember how amazing you are. You are beautiful and I love you.  

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